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We should feed it, nurture it, and pray for these kids. They are the ones holding the bag, and our sleepwalk through the last three decades has forced them to hold it. We need to keep these kids and all who are there now deep in our hearts. They are rescuing the country from itself. The protests express everything the nation has been feeling, but out of a false sense of powerlessness and a generation-long onslaught against uprising, has been too afraid to act out.

The powers these protests are standing up to can and might use the forces of violence and brute expressions to crush this movement. They are not.

Astrology - Fear into Power - Using Difficult Aspects Constructively

The movement has thousands of people who are expressing that they have nothing left to lose, and that is an imminently powerful force for change. If nothing else, we should not just get out of the way of the Occupy movement. Kristal, you seem concerned that protesters would actually do something that exercised power. I think that blocking traffic, while illegal, is a legit form of civil disobedience. I am Mr. Safety and I believe that conscious safety awareness be used. Traffic disruption protests are a staple in Paris, where they verge on being something of a joke but we are more car-obsessed here.

For reference, the roadway they blocked was a bridge between two boroughs of New York City. The boroughs operate as independent cities. There are more than sufficient fire resources on both sides of the bridge to address even a very serious fire. Both sides of the river are packed with hospitals, and anyone very seriously hurt is going to be choppered out anyway. If the issue really is about fires, in that neighborhood there are other places where mutual aid can come from, in the unlikely event of a problem so big that the resources on one side of the river could not handle it.

This is particularly true on a Saturday afternoon, one of the lowest traffic volumes during daylight hours the whole week.

Examiner Staff Ends an Era With Tears, Newsroom Tales

If they really wanted to mess things up, they would block the bridge on both sides at about 8 am on Monday morning. Yes some of the people involved on the idea level of this thing are plenty pissed off, and you may be too. However, like you, they are not out to stir up trouble but rather call attention to an injustice. What is interesting that their economic platform is on one level basically a more sophisticated rendering of Tea Party economics, tho the point of departure is on cultural issues.

And, economically, on the concept of what a corporation is. Blocking traffic is a form of nonviolent protest. How many cars have been burned in London and Paris during recent protests? How many windows smashed in London and Vancouver BC? How much looting many other places? Blocking traffic is an eminently polite gesture, on that scale. Meanwhile, as for the whole strategy thing — speaking in terms defined by the Midwest Academy, one of the very few forms of influence that the activists have is nuisance power.

The police and mayor have a lot of leeway how they handle any such situation. Though few would share my optimism, my faith in NYPD is more solid than in any other metropolitan force. There is nobody for them to negotiate with. So their strategy has to be about raising public awareness, and in that they had a lot of help from the NYPD. Now is the time to deal with things realistically when it comes to Venus issues: money, socializing, love, children, personal possessions, beauty and art.

Working hard, doing without and attending to issues surrounding the elderly or handicapped may also be at the forefront at this time. The best way to handle this energy is to be organized, realistic and prepared to work hard for whatever you aspire to in the aforementioned matters. Whether it is a business partner or spouse, outlining the exact details of who is responsible for what will go a long way to improving and keeping your relationship.

In a graphic video published by the group, workers are seen kicking and punching the animals, as well as beating them with metal bars, chains and rakes. • View topic - SF Examiner online

The cows are shown with bleeding and pus-filled sores, and injuries apparently sustained from the beatings. Depending on your current intimate partnership's level of integrity, this is a do-or-die full Moon. The Moon meets Saturn to dig into your shadow material, releasing all that no longer serves you and preparing you for another death-rebirth cycle. Especially while Saturn is in Scorpio, you'll have no choice but to go deep or go home, for the cosmic taskmaster simply won't stand for half-measures or fickle commitments -- rather, it's all about endurance!

Looking for insight into your deepest thoughts? Discover a new life path with a free sample Innovation and Insight Forecast based on Uranus' transits! With Venus -- the planet that rules love, beauty, and romance -- locked in a tight embrace with rule-breaking Uranus, you can expect the unexpected, especially in your relationships.

One-to-one partnerships are about to get a major dose of electricity! Sagittarius Full Moon will be about a climax around legal, travel, educational, media, wedding, religious, or political needs. It will be with these themes that you are bringing something to a close or celebrating something coming through. WEDNESDAY the focus on one or more of these themes will be about making adjustments to the home, family, parent, roommate, move, real estate deal, or renovation. The week ahead for VIRGO: This Mercury Retrograde week is very important for you when it comes to your aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, inventions, your freedom, or original ideas and how you can revise Look to partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, or other key players for making it so.

Some attachments will have two extensions to try and trick you into believing they are just a harmless data file and not a program, such as coolpicture. A lateral meniscus tear is another injury. Remove Mysterious Air Fern from package and place in a vase or pot without soil or water.

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The Stanford Daily, Volume 156, Issue 21, 24 October 1969 — Message To The Zodiac Killer [ARTICLE]

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